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Singing River

As I sat beside the river
I heard her heart singing,
She told me stories of long ago
Of the folks that crossed her wide spans
with hopes and dreams...

Tales of good crossings and
some that were so sad
Wagon wheels that got lost in the mud
Battles that once raged with hatred
And her beauty was streaked with blood...

She sang to me of peaceful villages
that dwelt upon her banks
Her song sang soft..
Her song sang of Eagles that soared aloft...

Her melody sometimes sweet and serene
Other times it would almost scream
This river sang her song to me
Her mirrored surface reflected sky of blue
and clouds of white...

She sang of the little boy that yelled in delight
as he caught his first fish
Sadness changed the melody as she
told of the baby that was lost
And she washed it upon the
shore to his mother safely...

She sang of two lovers that shared
their first kiss upon her shore
Then twenty five years later they returned once more
And I sat there listening long past the fading light
As this river sang me her song that made me smile
Made me cry...long into the night....
Bonnie Ray 2003
Used with permission

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

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