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My precious Lord, I love You,
and I offer praise to You
For choosing me to be Your child,
and for the things You do.
I talk to You throughout the day,
and sometimes through the night.
With loving arms You cradle me,
and take away my fright.

I never have to walk alone,
for You are by my side,
Encouraging and comforting,
my stumbling steps to guide.
Although I cannot fully
comprehend salvation's plan,
Or why the earth's Creator
chose to die for sinful man.

I thank You for the love that
bore the cross, my debt to pay,
And for the sacred blood that
flowed to take my sins away.
My heart finds solace just to
know that You've prepared a place
Where some day I will live
with You,a trophy of Your grace.

You've been so wonderful to me,
so faithful through the years,
Supplying all my deepest needs,
and drying all my tears,

That praises seem inadequate; mere words cannot express
My thankfulness and awe
at Your majestic holiness.

I can but sing a song of love,
a hymn of heartfelt praise,
As humbly I bow down to You
in worship all my days.
Betty Jo Mings 2000
Uesed with permission

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

Thank you for visiting with me!


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