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Miss T

Miss T is quite the lady
With a touch of class
Born with a pedigree
Since her ancestors were
only owned by royalty
She spends her time
rolling in the grass
Smelling all the
scents of nature
Or barking at the neighbors
with audacious brass
Of course there is a fence
that keeps her in her place
And woe be unto him that
ventures into her space..

She is not like those city gals
She has horses and cows as her pals
Her favorite dining fare is chicken
However she is partial to bacon
She is my shadow daily
And greets me with love
and laughter gayly
She is quite the charmer and
her antics keep me in stitches
She loves to play with kids

When running through
the kitchen she skids
Bewildered by a lack of traction
Brings to all a gleeful reaction
Miss T short for Trinity is my buddy
My friend on good days and bad
She knows when I'm happy sick or sad
By my side is where she is found
But under the bed she goes
flying if she's been bad
She always knows if a
scolding is in order

And if there is a
thunderstorm in the air
Off she goes..
headed for the border
A sweeter four legged
friend can't be found
A Shih Tzu of distinction
And spoiled rotten did I mention
Forever and a day
our friendship is bound...
By Bonnie Ray 2011
All rights reserved
Used with permission

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

Thank you for visiting with me!


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