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Footsteps Of Jesus

Footsteps Of Jesus

I dreamed I walked along the road
And Jesus was leading my way...
Then the story of my life appeared
As a shining light that day..
I followed His footsteps along the road,
But, then quite suddenly
My story showed some trying times,
And His footsteps I could not see.
So, I asked Lord,
Oh, where have you been
When I needed you to stay?
Lord, I did not want to walk alone,
And I thought you'd lead my way,
And, then I heard His gentle voice--
My love for you is true.
In trying times,My footsteps stayed,
And I was carrying you...
And, you shall never walk alone,
For I will be right there---
For I am your Savior and your friend
I shall keep you in my care..
Just stay in the faith, and trust My word,
And do your very better,
Love your neighbor as yourdelf,
And you shall surely be blest...
That special dream along the road
Now strengthens and sustains.
And my faith shall reign triumphantly
Over any of earthly strains,
I'll see no clouds, no fear, no strife.
I'll follow HIS Footsteps every day---
My Lord, Savior of my life......

By Edna Massimilla
Used with permission

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

Thank you for dropping by and visiting with me!


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