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Walk With Jesus

I Want To Walk With Jesus

I'd like to walk with my Lord Jesus,
all the long, long way.

I'd like to tell the people;
of what a friend He is today.

Many more than tens of thousands,
has given their heart to He,

Who was nailed to an old cross
to save souls of you and me.

I want to walk with Jesus every
single day; of this old life.

I want to thank Him for taking
away all the sinful strife.

He is Lord of all, in every manner;
if we let Him abide,

Inside our hearts and souls,
He restores our heart inside.

Listen to His yearning for your
heart to trust in the one,

That God sent unto us;
His blessed and precious Son.

He offered Himself upon that
old cross; just for you and me.

Through His precious shed blood;
we were given victory.

I want to walk with Him there;
upon Heavens’ sweet shore.

He took away the sins that
we shall never see anymore.

Yes I want to walk with this
King of Kings; every day.

I want to lay aside every
burdensome sin, to walk His way.

He shall come for us one day soon;
filling hearts with glee.

He is truly the sweet Savior
of both you and me.

Let us listen to our heart;
He will give us words to hear.

It will make our soul clean,
and hearts full of; His cheer.
©Pearlie Duncan Walker
Used with permission

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

Thank you for dropping by and visiting with me!


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