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Twilight Of Our Lives

Twilight Of Our Lives

Old age is full of wisdom
That youth can never know
Though eyesight now is failing
Our gait is getting slow.

Old age is like a harvest
That started as a sprout
Now ready for the reaping
Our crop has mellowed out.

Old age is like the autumn
It doesn’t make a sound
A time of sweet reflection
As leaves come tumbling down.

Old age is like the sunset
Its color brings the light
As evening shadows gather
It fades into the night.

Old age is like a pirate
Who steals our youth away
He takes the sail and anchor
Our ship begins to sway.

Old age is like a typhoon
The seas may get too ruff
But God doth gently whisper
He’ll say, “we’ve had enough.”

Old age is like a bright light
More brilliant than the sun
We’ll find a lovely rainbow
When life on earth is done.

Old age is like the red grapes
Turned into sparkling wine
Its fruit, aged to perfection
Has ripened on the vine.

Old age is like collateral
Tis money in the bank
Our debts have been forgiven
We have our God to thank.

Old age is like a promise
Our souls will never die
When Jesus comes to claim us
Across the eastern sky.
© 2006Marilyn Ferguson
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