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My darling,
when the tomorrow comes
you know, I will have to leave
I ask for you,
that you don't grieve...

When life must go on without me
Dry those sad, tear filled eyes
Again, for me my love, wear a smile...

Remember the time we had,
to spend together Let sweet memories of us
fill your heart
Then never really my love,
will we be apart...

With you my love,
will my spirit remain
Never from you,
will I be very far away
Beside you,
I will stay, everyday...

With all God's changes
of the four seasons
Displayed in beauty,
there for you to see.
And in the twinkling
of the night sky,
There will I be...

In memory, go back to a
favorite place of ours
Take my hand,
walk with me along the way
Remember the sunsets
we shared of yesterday...

When you feel the wind
gently brush your cheek
In your heart, hear me softly
whisper, I love you
Until the tomorrow my love
when again we meet...
Elizabeth Ann Biggs
Thank you for the use of your poem

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

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