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Tears Of Time

Time is my worst enemy,
because I can't change
the clock
If only I could just
sit down with you and talk.

I gave you my heart
from the very first hello
Everytime I saw you
My heart skipped a beat
And my knees turned to jello

Maybe back then
I should have told you so
But afraid and shy
I let every change pass me by
Your words always touched my heart
Some even made me cry...

I prayed to God above to
never let us part
Somehow God wasn't listening in
But he did make you my friend

I've shed a million down through time.
Because you would never be mine.
Not a day goes by that
I don't see you I worry to
Those are the days I am blue.

Until the clock stops ticking
I'll continue to love you.
If for no other reason than
just because you are you.

Thought time and eternity
And beyond infinity..
But darling from a distance.
for my heart can't stand the pain.

I would need to hold you close
if you were near
so I'll just stand apart
and hold you in my heart dear.

And...shed. These tears of time.
By Bonnie Ray
All rights protacted.
Used with permission

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

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