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Shadows Of Angels

Shadows Of Angels

At different times of day
you can see shadows -you know
some long and others short
tis maybe ourself
there can be shadows
any where you go.
Tis a special shadow
that I tell ye about
it might be a angel -I think
for it comes and goes at will
appearing and then be gone in a wink.

When the sun is high
I see an angel on the wall
I see her and I believe shes real
for the shadow she cast is tall.
There was one day a short age ago
I seen her as we sat to eat
moving back and forth
and all the while
patiently caring and sweet.
She could go unheard
quietly watching over me
oft times I could hear
her singing softly
from where I couldn't see.

Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner
whether I was playing-
or sad- or happy
in every room of our old house
even times along side me
praying on her knees.
I loved her and t'was never afraid
for no ghost or things of danger
were past her view to me
she was ne're a stranger.

Then came the day she was gone
there amid dark clouds- with
no light to reflect at all
and there was my sweet mama
sick and dying
yet I seen no angel on the wall.
As I held mamas hand
I worried that now I would be alone
Mama knowing my heart full well
told me that all would
be alright- some how.

I told her about my special angel
who had come to me from
some where from forever
a tear ran down mamas cheek
"don't you worry-
she won't leave you- not ever."
She will still be there to watch over you
though not seen- but in a new way
for you will have an angel now-
but unseen just as she is today.

With that said- mama slipped from me
with a smile on her face-
with ne're a fear at all
it was then I knew for certain
the angel was
Mamas shadow on the wall.
Though that shadow has gone away
I still feel her waiting close at hand
for the child grew to be a woman
that could really understand.

Angels cast shadows I'm sure
though they be of the human kind
angels that bring loving
and careing and peace
as long as we give them room
in our heart and mind.
To you my dear special angel
I miss your shadow on my wall
slipping here and there,
with voice now stilled
tis now I miss you most of all.
sandy Griffin © 4/29/2009
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