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Be Anxious For Nothing

Be Anxious For Nothing
Do not worry about tomorrow.
God holds each day in
the palm of His hand.
Yesterday's cares have all past.
God sees the future,
only He understands.

With Christ in control,
there is no reason to fear.
He knows the beginning
from the end.
He will walk with you
through all your days.
Be anxious for nothing.
Jesus is your dearest Friend.

The problems of life that cause worry
Are not worthy of causing alarm.
Jesus will keep you safe in His care.
He will go before you,
to keep you safe from all harm.

Trust in the Lord, completely.
Acknowledge Him in all your ways.
Lean not to your own understanding.
Jesus is Lord of all our days.
Author Unknown

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

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