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Love's Night Spirit

Love's Night Spirit

He sits alone beneath
a raven moon
This aged warrior
remembers his youth
For a few moments he
holds her once again

That love he shared that
made his heart into truth
In the shadows she waits..
as in years past long ago
He sees her face in the
shadow of moon's glow
His eyes close and he
feels her touch so soft
This woman sent to him
so very long ago

And once again
they are in the barn loft
The night is filled with the sound
of earth song all around
Scent of sweet roses in her hair
fills his heart with passion
And for hours the earth
ceases to be beneath them
Only the sound of her soul
is heard as they come down

Together and touch the ground
And in the stillness of night..
he hears her call his
name from afar

He stands to follow her voice
and whispers her name
Then he realizes he was
dreaming again
And fate was playing
it's foolish game...
By Bonnie Ray 2004
All rights reserved
Used with permission

May the Spirits always walk beside you!!

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