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Life Does Not

Life Does Not

Life does not have
to be glamorous or
spectacular in order to
be filled with richness.
The very best moments are,
more often than not,
the ordinary moments.

It is not really what surrounds
you or what happens to you
that makes life good.
It is what you do with it.

Some people can be miserable
even in the most exciting,
opulent surroundings.
And others can find true magic,
wonder and richness in even
the most common,
ordinary circumstances.

Where you are right now is a
great and wonderful place to be.
Know that there are real miracles
in this very moment and
they will be yours to live.

If your happiness depends
on some outside factor,
then even if you attain it,
you'll be disappointed by the
sense of emptiness it brings.
And you'll feel the need
for something more.

That something more has been
there all along and is,
when you choose it,
unconditionally yours.
Find your joy in the
ordinary moments and
experience how beautifully
rich and fulfilling life can be.
Author Unknown

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

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