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The Kiss

The Kiss

Give me a kiss,
as I taste your lips
and look deep into your soul
Then to that hold me close
and never let me go
For I will give you kisses
of love so many untold
Each kiss like the first
as our love grows ..

Give me a kiss,
and to that kiss a score
Then to that twenty,
add a hundred more
Double that hundred,
and when that is done
Let's kiss afresh,
as when we first begun.

For as you say
its all in the kiss ..
and you will know
A kiss that will remain
forever and set your heart aglow
Kisses you will remember
to hold in your heart
when I am gone
These kisses of my true love
May they comfort you
when departed or alone.

These words I read
now my love
I am here alone
and you are gone above
Memory of your kisses
comfort my aching heart
As I remember your kisses
and nights of love
Our vows we made
to never part

Your kisses still
burn upon my lips
Seared in my memory forever
Sealed in my heart will
leave me never
As you say...
it's in .. the kiss
By Rick Brent
& Bonnie Ray 2008
All rights reserved
Used with permission

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

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