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January You Are Special To Me

January You Are Special To Me

Christmas time came too fast and has passed
Jack Frost and January cold weather have slipped in
Majestic Mountains are covered by blankets of snow
Thrilling those anxiously looking forward to skiing.

But for me, January will always be the month
I relive fond memories of a long ago time
Our sitting by the fireplace listening to Grandpa
Telling us about adventures he had of a special kind.

All of us children listened to every word grandpa said
He held our attention as he told us how it was long ago
Afterwards question after question we always asked
Then anxiously we waited answers only grandpa knows.

I remember watching grandma looking at grandpa
It was easy to see her love for him in her eyes
Because her smiling face was glowing as he answered
His grandchildren's seemingly millions of why's.

January will always be a special time of the year
Because memories of this month are a special kind
Recalling questions I asked grandpa makes me smile
My grandparents will always live in my heart and mind.
Ralph L. Clark
All Rights protacted
Used with permission

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

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