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Will My Heart Burst

Will My Heart Burst From Aching

Do you remember the last
time your heart ached
SO much for someone
that it actually hurt?

Maybe because you missed
your friend or loved one
So much that your heart
just Aches.
Maybe it sounds silly,
But not to me!
Oh you wish so much
to fill that hole.

I remember times where
I just ached so much
That I just wanted to sleep,
Hoping that in the morning
it would go away.
But, as predicted, it didn't.

That longing desire to
be with that someone
Was still there, still aching.

Times like this I wonder:
why can't I ache and long
For God the way
I do for this someone
Or whatever we
long for that isn't
The only thing
that should satisfy?

It always gets me, every time.
I get it.

God put a God-shaped
hole in our hearts
So that nothing or no one else
But Him should fit - perfectly.
For there will be many things
That seem like a fit
but it will not be perfect.

We could keep trying
and trying but at one point
We grow restless and come
to a dawning realization that
Only Jesus fits into
our God-shaped hole.
Author Unknown

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

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