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Friends That Say Goodbye

Friends That Say Goodbye

Friends we meet on the net
Are the ones we'll miss forever
We sometimes never meet them face to face
But in our hearts they'll always have a place

Daily we exchange greetings and jokes
And we learn in time
They are much like us and real good folks

Over the years they become family
Sisters and brothers of the heart
Friendship and love grows daily

There comes a time they must say goodbye
Leaving us behind knowing we loved them
We'll miss their sweetness ..remembering we'll cry

The hardest thing we do is delete their name
From that buddy list we all treasure
Knowing it won't ever be the same
Loss of a beautiful friend..without measure
Yes we'll add new friends in time

But nothing will ever take their name from mind
One of life's lessons we must learn
Someday to... it will come our turn

So for those I have loved and lost
Understand the pain and tears
Was well worth the cost
I'm glad for the time we had
But my heart will be sad...
By Bonnie Ray 8-2008
All rights reserved
Used with permission

May you always be covered in God's pure love!

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