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My Little Corner

My Little Corner Of This World


Nothing could be more perfect
at the end of a hard
day's work than relaxing on the
front porch to watch a
beautiful sunset.
Just sit back in your rocking chair
or porch swing and
wipe the sweat from your
brow and enjoy the view.

I reside on a quiet hilltop in
the very heart of the
mountains area of Kentucky.

In your mind, envision this,
a deep quiet open valley
where birds are singing and
the wind is gently blowing
in your hair and not one building in sight.
There is no place like the
old homestead when it comes to
finding a quiet place to rest.

Sometimes I need to get away
from the crowds and
confusion of city life.
I let my troubles drift as
dandelion fluff is blowin
away in the breeze. I send
my worries on vacation.

Friends stop by, we gather to
talk and enjoy the evening together.
An invitation to a game of
horseshoes is called out back.
My dogs run off out into the woods
to play and a neighbor's dog
romps after them.

I walk toward the woods in
an open valley where the
green field has an abundance
of wildflowers.

I hear the pounding of hoofs
of a spirited chesnut stallion.
He neighs as he rushes past
to greet his mare and
colt grazing by the stream bed.

My eyes are drawn to a
golden hill, where a legion
of dandelions are scattered about
like gold coins at the rainbows end.
These soft green surroundings
are so calming to my eyes
that have started at paperwork
and a computer screen all day.

I can't wait to get out of
these business clothes and throw
on a pair of faded jeans, a tee
shirt, and my old worn out sneakers.
I make myself as
comfortable as home
makes me feel inside.

I then walk...and as I enter into
a small woods, beams sunlight
break through the tree tops
and shine down on me.
I spy a rabbit nibbling on daisies
before it vanishes from sight.

May I ask you this ...
Have you ever lain on a lush
hillside and searched for
images in the clouds?
Everyone sees something different.

All right protacted
Used with permission

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

Thank you for dropping by and visiting with me!


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