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His Soon Coming

His Soon Coming

Do you look forward to
the soon coming of Jesus?

I believe it shall be soon.
Won't that be joy to us?

He will come in a cloud
of white as He went away.

He will be happy to meet us
all in that great day!

I know all that love Him
look forward to that sweet day.

I pray we shall be ready
and waiting every single day.

Our Savior wishes to be able
to take us back home.

Than, we shall never anymore,
need to run, or roam.

We look to the mountains
and we shall not see.

Our sweet Savior shall be
coming for you and me.

He said in a cloud, as when
He went away that day.

None have need or desire to
go to hell to have to repay.

Jesus is coming soon;
let us truly for all pray.

We want no brother or sister
to be left behind that day.

We Pray that all will be
hoping the wondrous glory way.

Think of the many sweet words
our Savior will say!

I wonder at His coming.
Will it be very soon you think?

It shall be in a moment and pray
we are detecting with each blink.

What a glorious time that
shall be for those in love,

With this Master that
awaits us up there above.
©Pearlie Duncan Walker
May, 8th, 2008
Used with permission

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

Thank you for dropping by to visit with me!


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