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This Old Church

This Old Church


God be with me,
as my heart to
this old Church returns,

Remembering the words of Jesus
we were taught to learn.

It was in a country sitting on an
old dirt road by the wood.

I always wished to be ready,
when the songs were so good.

The Old Rugged Cross was a good one,
along with Amazing Grace.

No matter the years that have passed;
I'll ever remember this place.

Some people walked, came in
old wagons or maybe a car.

Some of us would go out at night
and pick out a brightly lit star.

These were the days of old,
but God was with us all; even then.

I think it may have been one of
the nicest places; I've ever been.

Sunday school in summer was
beneath an old oak tree.

Sometimes it was so blessed,
I was sure Jesus talked to me.

Then came the Sunday I went
down to the Altar to Pray.

I loved Jesus so much;
He entered my heart that same day.

More children came down that
night to trust their soul,

To be in the heart of our Savior
that would never grow old.

We were baptized in old Hatchie river;
there in Tennessee.

I still think of the old place,
and would like to go back to be,

There in my childhood again
after all these many years ago.

Seems, just remembering,
brings to my heart;
an awesome glow.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker
June 11, 2008
Used with permission

May You always be covered with God's pure love!

Thank you for visiting with me!!!


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