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Old Barns

Old Barns

Did you ever take a ride in the country

and look at the beautiful old barns?

They have been there a life time.

Weathered the storms and heat over the years.

I have wondered if the barns could talk

What stories they could tell

Of years gone by...

With all the season's it went through..

They stored animals,feed and other things too

I know they were put to good use.

There must have been a old house near by

With a family that had children

that would play in the loft.

You know there was always hay up there.

Did you ever drive by one of

those old barns and want to go inside??

I have many times just to see how it looked

Old barns are something to enjoy

For it is from the past

So when you go riding in the country.

And see an old barn take a good look.

For those old barns was put to good use...

They have so much character

and a lot of memories of farms gone now.

I just love old barns don't you!!!
J. Miessau 3-27-2009
All rights protacted

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