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Just Stopped By Lord

Just Stopped By Lord

It's me again Lord, thought I'd knock on your door
Sit a spell, and maybe talk to you for a little while
That is now, if you can spare me a little time
I know you got important things on your mind

So I'll try not keep you from things you have to do
But ever so often I just feel I just need to talk to you
First, I 'wanna thank you for all you've done for me
For your love and patience and grace you've given each day

For the very breath I breathe, you freely give
Because without your help Lord, I don't think I could live
I know I don't deserve any of your gifts
I know I should try harder to be more like you Lord

I often try, but often fail, I know I don't have to tell you
Because you know every thought and every thing I do
But you also know my heart Lord and fail as I might
You know I do love you

I want to say that without your Love and guidance
I don't know where I'd be this day
So I just want to thank you Lord, for showing me the way
I'll let you go now Lord, hope you donít mind my stopping by

Just felt like I needed to stay a little while,
chat, and thank you for all you do.
I'll probably be seeing you before too long,
hope all the family is there
We will gather together with you once more
And sing with you a happy little song

Of Worship, Love and Praise,
we'll sing not only then
But for all of our eternal days
So Long for now Lord!
Iíll stop by again before long
I know that door is always open

For all of us to come in and talk to you
So glad you are always there, not only for me,
But for all the world to come
Sit down, and have a little chat with you.
Gayle Alatia © 1-12-09

Used with permission

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me!

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