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We're On Our Way Home

We're On Our Way Home

We are only pilgrims and strangers
traveling through this world of care
Our home is in the heavens,
one day we shall behold Jesus there.

Each day we are on a journey
guided by the Spirit of our Lord,
each day we are one day closer
to the day we receive our heavenly reward.

The Bible is our road map
to guide us on our way,
It is a lamp unto our path
which leads us, as we seek God and pray.

Although there may be stops or detours
we must always keep pressing on
Let stumbling blocks be
turned into stepping stones,
on the journey toward our heavenly home.

Can you see the Master beckoning?
He's calling all to come and follow Him.
We're only traveling through this land,
One day we shall leave this world of sin.

We have so much to thank Him for
His blessings have been freely given
one day we shall behold the Lord
who is our reason for living.

So hold on to the Savior
let Him lead you to heaven's shore,
There you will enter heaven's portals,
to abide with our Blessed Lord, forevermore.
Blessings In Christ,
Jo Ann Kelly 2007
J. P.'s Inspirations
Used with permission

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

Thank you for dropping by to visit with me!


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